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Mt Eden: Sightseeing From Auckland's Highest Peak

Sightseeing in Auckland isn't complete until you've seen the city from Auckland's highest point - The top of Mt Eden

See the sights Auckland has to offer with 360 degree views of the city form the top of a dormant Volcano

Mt Eden or Maungawhau is our highest Volcano at 619 feet or 196 metres and has been dormant for over 15,000 years. As the highest natural point in the isthmus of Auckland. It was also once a Maori fortress or Pa. This can be seen by the terraces circling the mountain, which once had housing on them.We educating our guests about the cultural significance of the area. 

A destination you can't miss when on an Auckland Sightseeing tour

Being the highest natural point in Auckland, Mt Eden is a hot spot for tourists who are sightseeing in Auckland City. 


Due to the popularity of Mt Eden and the number of sightseeing tourist buses driving to the summit, there was a ban on all vehicles driving to the summit. There is a short 7 minute walk to the top, or 10minutes if averagely fit. Please let the driver if you are unable to take the walk and we will organise an alternative viewing point.